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Extech 380379 High Voltage Test Leads
Replacement test leads for Extech High Voltage instruments such as the 380353 Analog High Voltage megohmmeter, the 380375 Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester and the 380385 Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester.
Extech HDV-TX2L Wired Handset with Articulating Probe (2m)
Wired Handset with Articulating Probe with Long Focus Range and 2m probe. Connects to HDV600 Video Scope with patch cable (HDV-PC).The device includes a 2m semi-rigid non detachable probe attached to a device with articulation knob. The probes includes a 6mm diameter camera and macro lens.
Extech IR201A Pocket IR Thermometer
The Extech IR201A infrared thermometer is equipped with a built-in laser pointer to improve aim. With a temperature range of -4 to 518°F (-20 to 270°C), use the Extech IR201A infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of objects which are difficult to reach or unsafe to contact. The Extech IR201A infrared thermometer can also be used for in-process temperature measurements or to measure hot spots in electrical panels and equipment.
Extech TM25 Compact Temperature Indicator
Extech TM25 Compact Waterproof Temperature Indicator with Stainless Steel Penetration Probe can be used on desktops with its removable foot stand or can be mounted on wall or metal surfaces with its magnetic back. Complete with magentic back, foot stand, temperature sensor, and a CR2032 3V button battery.
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Love my Extech! I love it and would recommend it to anyone needing such accuracy and reliability.
by Gary A. Dawson - 16/04/2014

Perfect ,This Extech meter is built much better. The module mine came with, had a broken reference j..
by Floyd D. Dunlap - 16/04/2014

What nice surprise to find something is better than described. It is a well built quality item. I ha..
by Mohammad K. Ballou - 25/02/2014

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The Airfree air purifier is small and easy to transport, weighs less than 2 kg and takes up very little space. Airfree air purifier and sterilizers are the world’s safest and most tested air purifier that require no maintenance. Tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% of micro-organisms that pass through it. These includes mold, Pet Dander, Ozone, Organic odours, virus, tobacco smoke, bacteria, pollen, dust mite skeletons and faeces. The Airfree P125 has a room capacity of up to 51m². This air purifier is capable of  reducing the amount of microorganisms and harmful substances from the air by using heat to disinfect indoor air. Also no living microorganism survives this Airfree heat sterilization power. This Airfree air purifier can be used to reduce respiratory allergies in the home, office, school and anywhere indor air quality is required. The Airfree P125 Air Purifier and Sterilizer Platinum operates silently and uses very little power for energy efficiency. It is ozone free and no filter changes required for maintenance free operation.
Extech EN300 Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter is a rugged 5-in-1 environmental meter with tripod mount and RS-232 PC interface. This Thermo-Anemometer measures Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Light and Sound. Extech EN300 has a large dual LCD simultaneous display of Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity.
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