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Why Should I Buy Air Purifier

Indoor air purifiers give us the opportunity to keep the air that we breathe inside our homes healthier for ourselves and our family. Just about everything that moves disturbs and carries allergens and irritants into the air in your home. This is accentuated in the wintertime with the house closed up tight and very little external circulation. One might think that this summer air would be better but unfortunately, as the summer comes the spores pollens and dust mites are carried indoors along with the air from outdoors. Family members who suffer from asthma or symptoms of allergy can gain tremendous relief through the use of indoor air purifiers. The variety of indoor air purifiers sold today is vast. The selection of the best indoor air purifier that suit your home depends on which features are important to you.

Which Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Before you buy your air purifier you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Where will I be using my air purifier?

How many square feet is the room I will be using the air purifier in?

Do I or does anyone in my family have existing allergies?

How much can I spend on the air purifier?

How many rooms do I need it to clean the air in?

Is the air purifier easy to operate?

How often will I have to change the filters?

Quick comparisons of air purifiers will make you more knowledgeable about the different kinds of air purifiers. For those of you with allergies or other health problems that are in need of a serious air purifier the Airfree air purifier or hepa air purifier is a great choice.

Airfree performs mold spore control, pet dander control, house dust mite control, pollen control, and general indoor air environment control. It attacks gaseous contaminants. It also provides light tobacco smoke control. No air purifier can eliminate second hand smoke. The noise level for the Airfree range is less than a ceiling fan, making it ideal for any room in the house.

The AirFree Air Sterilizer and purifier is low maintenance for a room that is 250 square feet. There are no filters to change on this machine. Although it comes with a user manual, it could not be simpler to get started with the AirFree Air Sterilizer. There is no control panel on it; you merely plug the machine in. It weighs only four pounds and would be ideal to carry to work and place in your office. It runs silently. It is an excellent source of virus control and has the ability to destroy mold spores, viruses, fungi, and other organic matter. It is affordable.


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