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About Us
Air Concern Limited (ACL), is a provider of environmental products, equipment and supplies for industrial, commercial and residential air safety and comfort applications. We have the privilege of having in our team dedicated professionals with broad and lengthy experience in occupational health & safety, environmental analysis and testing, to advice you on the best product and service for your application.

Our customers include homeowners, occupational hygienist, building maintenance professionals, health and safety personnel, HVAC professionals and more. Our range of products aid in indoor air quality investigation, direct air pollution monitoring,  passive air sampling, air sampling using collection media and sampling pump for laboratory analysis, Occupational hygiene audits, gas and pollutant remediation application and noise, vibration and light assessment.

At ACL we continuously strive to offer our customers’ the widest selection of air safety and comfort products to help identify and remove air safety and health risk. Our aim is to provide products and solutions for any type of problem that you might have relating to enclosed and indoor environmental quality and safety.  We endeavor to provide our customers with accurate and clear advertisements, cost effective products and timely delivery of all orders

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