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Airfree Air Purifier and Steriliser P60  [P60]
Airfree Air Purifier and Steriliser P60
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Airfree Air Purifier and Steriliser P60
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Airfree air purifiers are the air cleaning choice for people living with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. This  Airfree destroys the tiniest particles such as viruses and some types of bacteria that HEPA filters can not trap.  Airfree air purifier and sterilizers are the world’s safest and most tested no maintenance air purifier. Tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% of micro-organisms that pass through it including mold, Pet Dander, Ozone, Organic odours, virus, tobacco smoke, bacteria, Pollen, Dust mite skeletons and faeces. The Airefree P60 has room capacity of up to 24m². The Airfree P60 is small and portable and can easily be transported from one room to the other. Airfree does not hire any technology which generates any kind of dangerous emission such as ions, UV light and ozone.
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Airfree Air Purifier and Sterilizer P60 Details

Airfree air purifier and sterilizers are the world’s safest and most tested no maintenance air purifier. The Airfree Air Sterilizer's clean, no ozone technology provides allergy and asthma relief by using heat sterilization to safely destroying indoor pollution: dust, pollen, dust mites, allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses and more. Airfree P60 has room capacity of up to 24m². See product details for more information. This Airfree P60 operates silently, it is ozone free and maintenance free operation.

The maintenance free Airfree Air Sterilizer technology is   much simpler than everything else seen in the air purifier market: Airfree uses just heat to sterilise indoor air. Inside Airfree’s patented ceramic core 99.99% of all microorganism (spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mold, dust mites feces and skeleton) are burned at temperatures around 400F (250ºC). No living microorganism survives this heat sterilization power. Yet this is done without significant heat contribution to the ambient. Two Airfree Air Sterilizers in the same room contribute as much heat as one adult person.

Select to download relevant pdf guide below for more detail

Allergics Guide
Babies and pregnancy guide
Hayfever guide
Mould Guide
Virus Guide

Because it works based on a totally natural process -- Airfree® Air Sterilizers use just heat sterilization -- Airfree® doesn't employ chemical or toxic products such as glass filter fibers, triclosan-coated paper or any kind of material that can be harmful to the environment when wasted. Nor does it produce ozone, VOCs, nitrous oxide or nitric acid. In fact, Airfree air purifiers reduce Ozone whereas many ionizers, ozone generators and air purifiers generate harmful ozone that can destroy lung tissue and trigger respiratory allergies.

Controlling airborne allergens at work and at home through sterilization makes a significant contribution towards reducing overall exposure to airborne allergens. This is why every successful allergen avoidance program should include an Airfree device as part of an overall allergen avoidance strategy.

Airfree Air Sterilizer's patented, breakthrough technology provides silent, effective operation, safely destroying 99.99% of all Molds, Mildews, Viruses, Bacteria, Airborne allergens, Pet Dander, Ozone, Dust and Dust mites, Dust mite feces and skeletons, Organic Odors and Tobacco Residual Smell that passes through it. Airfree air purifiers are the air cleaning choice for people living with asthma, allergies other respiratory conditions, or with allergies to dust or dust mites, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. Airfree destroys even the tiniest particles such as viruses and some types of bacteria that HEPA filters can not trap.

Airfree's exclusive patented technology has been tested independently in “real life” working environments by world´s renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories in six different countries, including the USA, Sweden and Germany. These tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% micro-organisms that passes through its patented ceramic core, no matter how small or hazardous these might be. Airfree will not emit ozone (considered an asthma trigger by the EPA). It does not employ any technology which generates any kind of dangerous emission. No ions, no UV Light and no ozone generation.

Airfree are the perfect air purifier for adults and children with respiratory allergies and mold contamination. Best of all, there is no maintenance required because Airfree® Air Sterilizers have no moving parts and don't need replacement filters or lamps. And it's energy efficient, using below 48 watts.

Airfree Air Purifier and Sterilizer P60 Features

  • No Filters 
  1. There are NO FILTERS to change. Airfee totally destroys all contaminants leaving behind no residue. Hepa air cleaners only catch the contamination. If the hepa filter is not changed on time the collected pollutants ( now super concentrated ) begin to work loose and re-enter your air space. Remember, a HEPA filter only captures contaminants. Airfree destroys them.

  2. The filters employed in other air cleaners frequently employ fibre glass, triclosan paper and materials that can be harmful to the consumer or the environment.

  3. Airfree will not emit ozone ( considered an asthma trigger by the American EPA). It does not employ any technology which generates any type of dangerous emission, no Ionizer, no UV Light and no Ozone Generator. In fact Swedish independent tests show Airfree to actually reduce ozone by 26%. 

  • Totally Silent
    Airfree P60 is totally silent. Completely noiseless. Place your hand over the top of the unit , if you feel a slight warmth , the machine is working!

  • Other air purifiers require powerful fans to draw the air through the very dense HEPA filters or across the electrostatic plates employed in electrostatic or 'plasma' units. This noise can become a distraction particularly if the unit is being used in a bedroom or a relaxed environment.

  • Small and Portable
    The Airfree P60 is lightweight and easily transported from room to room. 
    Dimensions: height 10.4 in. and diameter 8.4 in., height 26,5 cm. and diameter 21,5 cm.
    Weight: 2,8 lbs (1,27Kg)

  • For every Airfree® claim, there is an independent test to back it up.

    Independent test results, proof that Airfree does what it claims

    SO, CE, UL Certifications

    2 Year Manufacturers 

Airfree Air Purifier and Sterilizer P60  Application

  • Respiratory Allergies
  • Newborns and children
  • Mold affected basements and attics, kitchens
  • Boats
  • Cold and reefer chambers
  • Homes and offices
  • Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and retire homes
  • Libraries, museums and archives
  • Hotels, motels
  • Schools, kindergartens
  • Dust mite and other infect allergens
  • Chicken farms and other breeding farms
  • Pets and birds

  • Respiratory Allergies and Asthma
    Most people spend an average of 90% of their lives indoors. Airborne allergens such as pollens, mold spores, cat or dog dander, ozone, house dust mite skeletons and excrement,trigger allergic reactions to sensitized individuals.

    Airfree effectively destroys such particles. No living microorganism or protein can resist temperatures above 200 C (aprox. 400F) Destroying airborne organic allergens at work and at home makes a significant contribution towards improved indoor air quality.That is why every successful allergen avoidance program should include Airfree as part of an overall allergen avoidance strategy.

    Airfree air purifiers with its patented sterilization system, destroy airborne microbiologic allergens, mold spores, microbes, germs, and reduce ozone, providing healthier indoor environments a must for allergic and asthmatic people.
  • Newborns and Children
    Studies performed by the University of Virginia show that children exposed to dust mite allergens in their early ages have higher chance to develop asthma. Airfree eliminates dust mite airborne allergens.

    Why is Airfree a must in children bedrooms?

    • Airfree drastically reduces dust mite allergens and other airborne microorganisms.
    • Airfree destroys mold spores, avoids mold and mildew, and organic odours.
    • Airfree destroys allergic proteins (from pet dander), and pollens.
    • Airfree destroys mold spores and airborne organic allergens that trigger asthma, rhinitis, and bronchitis symptoms.
    • Airfree drastically reduces airborne cross contamination (viruses and bacteria).
    • Airfree provides healthier environment for newborns, children, and the elderly. The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to avoid the allergens.
 Why choose Airfree P60 and not other air purifiers?
    • Airfree has independent tests assuring its efficiency.
    • Airfree guarantees 99.99% airborne microorganism reduction at the outlet and average 80% inrooms.
    • Airfree P60 is totally silent it does not disturb children sleep.
    • Airfree requires no maintenance, and no additional expenses in new filters.
    • Airfree uses new 1999 U.S. Patented technology that uses heat to destroy microorganisms. No meaningful heat contribution to the environment: 2 Airfree units will contribute as much heat as one adult person.
    • Airfree has no harmful emissions such as Ozone, or UV. Mold affected basements and attics, kitchens and pantries Basements and attics can be practically mold free with Airfree, if the instruction manual is followed. Kitchens equipped with Airfree will prevent most food items from developing mildew. No more mildew in your cheese, bread, fruit. Organic odors are also reduced.

  • Yachts, cruise ships and navy ships
    A dream came true. Airfree makes it possible to have drastically reduced mold and mildew cabins,and divisions in any boat or vessel. Airfree protects boat owners, passengers, crews, and electronic equipment. Airfree reduces the use of A/C and dehumidifiers to reduce humidity. Airfreesafely eliminates mold spores, mold, mildew, bacteria, very common problems faced by boat owners,cruise liners, and navies around the world. According to many international institutions, Airfree air purifiers have proven to reduce 99.99% of mold spores, bacteria, and microorganisms at its air outlets and over 80% in rooms where installed.
    • Airfree prevents mold, mildew, and organic smells.
    • Airfree drastically reduces mold spores.
    • Airfree protects sofas, beds, curtains, and clothing.
    • Airfree slows down the deterioration of instruments and equipment.
    • Airfree preserves non refrigerated food.
    • Airfree is an electric equipment of low consumption (46W), maintenance free (does not require filters), easy installation and low cost. The best cost/benefit relation in the industry.

  • Cold and reefer chambers
    Airfree in cool and reefer chambers extend product shelf life.Airfree in cool and reefer chambers extend product shelf life. Video and optical equipment, slides and films. Airfree P60 drastically reduces bacteria and mold development on food stored items by destroying mold spores in the chamber, as well drastically reducing bacteria and cross contamination between stored items.

    The absence of airborne fungus and spores in rooms protected by Airfree provides the best environment to store cameras, videos, pictures, slides, films, film negatives and any device potentially affected by mold. Quietly and safely, Airfree protects those assets. In order for Airfree to be effective, those items must be in contact with Airfree sterilized air.

  • Home and offices
    Homes are usually crowded with organic material, from sofas to beds and carpeting. mold colonies are abundant in any room and contribute daily to the contamination of indoor air. Fungus, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne microorganisms are silently destroyed by Airfree, thus providing a healthier environment, especially to those affected by allergies triggered by airborne microorganisms and ozone.

    Airfree P60 improves indoor air quality in offices resulting in higher productivity and lower staff absences. Airfree is a powerful ally to reduce the effects of the Sick Building Syndrome when airborne microorganisms are concerned.

    Airfree also reduces ozone (toxic gas generated by computers, monitors, fax and copy machines) that can trigger respiratory diseases and destroy lung tissue.

    Airfree offers free projects for complete buildings with guaranteed results, duly monitored by local independent microbiologic laboratories.

  • Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories
    Airborne contamination is quite a concern for hospitals. Airfree provides safer hospital environment. Airfree is indispensable in waiting rooms, infirmaries, and recovery rooms due to its efficiency in destroying airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Airfree P60 also reduces ozone that can affect patients with respiratory ailments.

    In transplants, bone operations, and in low immunity patient units, Airfree is a must due to its outstanding capacity of destroying fungus.

    Laboratories may gain one extra working day per week with Airfree. There is no need to stop laboratory activities once a week for chemical air disinfection if Airfree is installed.

  • Libraries, museums and archives
    Mold spores are constantly being added to those buildings, creating new mold and mildew affected areas and damaging assets, which infect staff and visitors.

    When the environment temperature and humidity are suitable for germination, the spores burst and mold and mildew growth begins. Mold contaminates books, clothing, documents, and works of art.

    Airfree P60 destroys those airborne mold spores and avoids the formation of new mold and mildew colonies, providing healthier environments for visitors and employees, and protecting the assets. Airfree is an efficient, maintenance free and costless way of protecting those buildings, its assets, and the people working or visiting them.

  • Hotels and motels
    Airfree extraordinary technology is totally harmless, maintenance free and efficient for mold spore reduction.

    Airfree P60 silently and efficiently sterilizes the air 24 hours a day, destroying airborne microorganisms, bacteria, germs, and viruses left in rooms from one guest to another. Airfree is a must in those energy efficient hotels where windows are not open and there is low outside air interchange.

    The use of Airfree in guest rooms demonstrates the Hotel concern to provide healthier rooms to its guests and may contribute to a higher occupancy rate. Rooms equipped with Airfree may also be marketed for allergic people at higher rates. The purchase of Airfree, a proven mold spore and microorganism reduction device, may provide a good line of defense in case of mold lawsuits since Airfree has independent tests proving its efficiency.

  • Schools, Kindergartens
    Airfree wall mount units such as the WM60, provides safer environment for young children in kindergartens, by drastically reducing the airborne organic contaminants and reducing children cross contamination.

    Airfree outstanding mold spore reduction capacity is a must in any class room vis-à-vis the continuous and growing mold lawsuits against schools. Airfree is undoubtedly a powerful ally to School Principals and owners.

    Class rooms protected by Airfree are the clear demonstration of School’s concern with the health of its students and may provide a good line of defense in case of lawsuits, since Airfree has independent tests proving its efficiency in reducing airborne mold spores.

  • Pollens
    Pollens are no exception to other microorganisms, and are totally destroyed when passing through Airfree patented sterilizing ceramic core.

  • Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and Germs
    Airfree P60 destroys all airborne threatening microorganisms cited above when passing inside its patented ceramic core mini-ducts, including the smallest microbes like those of meningitis, pneumonia, and scarlet fever that can not be trapped in air filters or in other equipment using different technologies. Scientists confirm that virus, fungus, and bacteria molecular structure (composed by proteins), can not survive high temperatures as those seen inside Airfree patented ceramic core.

  • Dust mites and other insect allergens
    Many allergic reactions are caused by dust mites. The fine dust generated from their skeletons and faeces contain hazardous fungus and allergens that when inhaled or in touch with the skin cause allergic reactions. When passing through Airfree ceramic core those allergens and fungus are totally destroyed.

    Dust mites require certain types of fungus to survive. The reduction of fungus colonies translates into dust mite population reduction.

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