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Home >> Shop >> Indoor Air Testing >> Airfree P125 Platinum Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
Airfree P125 Platinum Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter  [Q1-P125]
Airfree P125 Platinum Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
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Airfree P125 Platinum Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
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Airfree air purifier and sterilizers P125 platinum has a room capacity of up to 51m². This air purifier can kill up to 99.99% harmful microorganisms that pass through it and it requires no maintenance.

Now get a free Mould Alert Meter. It  can measure humidity, temperature and dew point. 
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Airfree air purifier and sterilizers P125 platinum with Free Mould Alert Meter details

Besides making the weather hot and causing uneasiness for people, high humidity in the indoor environment also causes building materials and other organic substances to become moist. Humid conditions often give rise to the build-up of certain microorganisms such as dust mites, bacteria, moulds and many others in the indoor air. Moulds in particular grow on surfaces that contain a lot of moisture. When mould spores fall on any favourable source of moisture such as on some cellulose substances or damp materials, they begin to grow and multiply. When the indoor air is polluted with such organisms, it makes breathing unbearable. A proper measure needs to be taken to control humidity and its effects on the increase in these indoor air pollutants. However, controlling mould growth is very crucial to maintaining a good and healthy indoor environment. Combining  Airfree P125 with Mould Alert Meter will provide you with all the required information as well as solve the mould issue in your indoor environment. 

Airfree Air purifier and Air sterilizer P125 Platinum helps to reduce the population of indoor air allergens such as mould, pet dander, ozone, organic odors dust and dust mites, tobacco residual smell and dust mite feces and skeletons. Airfree P125 air purifiers are the air cleaning choice for people living with asthma, and other respiratory conditions. It is also suitable for people who are allergic to dust or dust mites, or for anyone who want cleaner and more breathable air. Airfree P125 destroys even the tiniest particles such as viruses and some types of bacteria that HEPA filters cannot trap.

Click on video to view how Airfree Air purifier and Air sterilizer P125 Platinum works.

Having been tested in “real life” working environments by world´s renowned institutions and ISO 17025, it has been proven that this Airfree's exclusive patented technology completely destroys up to 99.99% of micro-organisms that pass through it, no matter how small or hazardous they might be. It does not employ any technology which generates any kind of dangerous emissions such as ions, ozone and UV Light.

Reducing airborne allergens at work and in the home requires that you practice a thorough sterilization process. This will contribute significantly to a healthy family life and efficiency and productivity at the work place. Placing one Airfree Air purifier and Air sterilizer P125 Platinum at the corner of your room or office is one step to achieving this.

Airfree Air purifier and Air sterilizer P125 Platinum features

  • Airfree P125 does not use filters which will often need regular replacements.
  • It does not employ fibre glass, triclosan paper and materials that can be harmful to the consumer or the environment.
  • The Airfree does not employ any technology which generates any type of dangerous emission, no Ionizer, no UV Light and no Ozone Generator. It actually reduces ozone by 26%.
  • Airfree P125 is totally silent.
  • The Airfree P125 is lightweight and easily transported from room to room.

Airfree Air purifier and Air sterilizer P125 Platinum applications

  • It can be placed in rooms for newborns and children.
  • Hotels and motels likewise can use Airfree to clean their guest rooms.
  • Cleans basements, kitchens and attics that are affected by mould.
  • Boat and ship owners can use the Airfree air purifier.
  • Chicken farms and other breeding farms must regularly be disinfected with Airfree air purifier to protect pets and birds from infectious diseases.
  • It can be used in cold and reefer chambers.
  • Airfree P125 can disinfect homes, offices, hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
  • Books and assets in libraries, museums and archives will be safe with an installed Airfree 125.
  • People living with asthma and respiratory allergies
  • The indoor air in schools can be protected against microorganisms with the air purifier.
  • Dust mite and other infectious allergens can be destroyed with Airfree P125 air purifier.

Mould Alert Meter description

For humidity alert, Mould Alert Meter is the best choice. It has audio and visual alarms that will alert you when humidity rises or drops beyond the user programmable alert limits. With this device you can tell when the humidity level is favorable or not. It features the MAX/MIN function with the option to reset as well as a rear calibration adjustment pot. The hygro-thermometer offers relative humidity in the range of 10 to 99% while the temperature range is 14 to 140F (-10 to 60C). Since humidity is the one true cause of mould, the Extech 445814 is the perfect instrument to detect when conditions for exist mould growth.

 Mould Alert Meter features

  • Mould Alert Meter has an integral calibration adjustment port for both humidity & temperature.
  • User programmable humidity alert limits.
  • Mould Alert Meter also simultaneously displays temperature, humidity and dew point.

 Mould Alert Meter applications

  • The equipment identifies and alerts possible mould growth based on environmental condition.
  • Alerts in any environment where low or high humidity exist.
  • Ideal for gyms, any indoor environment, laboratories, storage area, nurseries, clean room and any controlled environment.
Both Airfree P125 and the  Mould Alert Meter are indoor air quality instruments that can work perfectly together to help you have control over what remains in your indoor environment as well as to maintain appropriate indoor temperature and humidity. Indeed, they can help you to minimize the risk of suffering any allergic attacks or developing health issues. These two products are a perfect combination for your family’s protection against airborne contaminants.

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