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Home >> Shop >> Indoor Air Testing >> Airfree P40 Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
Airfree P40 Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter  [Q1-P40]
Airfree P40 Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
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Airfree P40 Air Purifier with free Mould Alert Meter
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The Airfree P40 air purifier and sterilizer  can kill up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in the indoor air. It has a room capacity of up to 16m³, and requires no maintenance.

Now get a Mould Alert Meter for free. This Mould Alert Meter can measure relative humidity, temperature, and dew point. the combination of these two devices is a perfect solution for mould problems. 
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Airfree P40 Air Purifier and Sterilizer details

Humidity is one of the factors that promote the spread of moulds. Moulds feed on materials that contain some amount of moisture. Almost any organic substance provides sufficient nutrients to support mould growth. So conditions or surfaces that has enough moisture is favourable for them. When moisture and appropriate temperature are present in your indoor environment, they will begin to spread. Indoor air infected with moulds can be a source of many illnesses and discomforts. The amount of allergens in your indoor environment is also directly affected by humidity. High humidity in your indoors will cause dust mite populations and mould colonies to rise. This eventually increases the plights of people who suffer from various allergies. For those who are non-allergic, this situation can also cause some discomfort such as itchy throat, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and so on. Apart from causing some health problems, moulds can also cause your food to go bad and even affect the strength of building structures.

This Airfree P40 uses a maintenance free air sterilizing technology that is simpler than any other air purifier in the market. It uses just heat to sterilize indoor air. Inside the Air purifier’s patented ceramic core, 99.99% of all microorganisms including spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mould, dust mites feces and skeleton are burned at temperatures around 250ºC without adding any significant heat to the room. No living microorganism survives this heat sterilization power. Two Airfree Air Sterilizers in the same room contribute as much heat as one adult person.

Click on video to see how Airfree P40 air purifier and sterilizer works


Since the Airfree P40 uses this heat sterilization technology, it does not employ chemical or toxic products such as glass filter fibers or any kind of material that can be harmful to the environment. Rather, unlike other air purifiers, Airfree P40 reduces ozone that can destroy lung tissue and trigger respiratory allergies by 26%.

This energy efficient air purifier is a perfect device for adults and children who suffer from respiratory allergies and mould contaminations. It requires no maintenance because it does not use parts that need to be moved and replaced such as filters and lamps. Airfree P40 is totally silent and portable.

Airfree P40 Air Purifier and Sterilizer features

  • Airfree P40 does not use filters which will often need regular replacements.
  • It does not employ fibre glass and materials that can be harmful to the consumer or the environment.
  • The Airfree P40 does not employ any technology which generates any type of dangerous emission such Ionizer, UV Light and Ozone. It actually reduces ozone by 26%.
  • Airfree P40 is totally silent.
  • The Airfree P40 is not heavy and can easily be transported from one room to the other.

Airfree P40 Air Purifier and Sterilizer applications

  • People living with asthma and respiratory allergies
  • It can be placed in rooms for newborns and children.
  • Cleans basements, kitchens and attics that are affected by mould.
  • Boat and ship owners can use the Airfree air purifier.
  • It can be used in cold and reefer chambers.
  • Airfree P40 can disinfect homes, offices, hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
  • Books and assets in libraries, museums and archives will be safe with an installed Airfree P40.
  • Hotels and motels likewise can use Airfree to clean their guest rooms.
  • The indoor air in schools can be protected against microorganisms with the air purifier.
  • Dust mite and other infectious allergens can be destroyed with Airfree P40 air purifier.
  • Chicken farms and other breeding farms must regularly be disinfected with Airfree air purifier to protect pets and birds from infectious diseases.

Mould Alert Meter description

Your free Mould Alert Meter is the best choice if you want to know the actual level of water contained in your indoor air. This thermometer has audio and visual alarms that will alert you whenever humidity rises or plunges below the user programmable alert limits. Mould Alert Meter is one instrument that features the MAX/MIN function with the option to reset as well as a rear calibration adjustment pot. It offers relative humidity readings in between the ranges of 10 to 99% while the temperature readings also range from -10 to 60°C. This Mould Alert Meter is just the right instrument to use when you want to be aware of moisture levels that can encourage mould growth.

Mould Alert Meter features

  • Mould Alert Meter has an integral calibration adjustment port for both humidity & temperature.
  • User programmable humidity alert limits.
  • Mould Alert Meter also simultaneously displays temperature, humidity and dew point.

Mould Alert Meter applications

  • The equipment identifies and alerts possible mould growth based on environmental condition.
  • Alerts in any environment where low or high humidity exist.
  • Ideal for gyms, any indoor environment, laboratories, storage area, nurseries, clean room and any controlled environment.
These two indoor air quality products when used together harmoniously will offer you a clean and healthier indoor environment. The Mould Alert Meter helps you to control humidity in your indoor air thereby maintaining a healthy working and living condition. The Airfree P40 will also destroy any existing microorganism that may be a result of either high humidity or through your own activities. This will improve your productivity at work and protect your family’s health at home as well.

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