A Health Care Ally

Microorganisms are useful to our bodies yet they can also be very harmful. Airborne microbes cause many health issues. When a person coughs or sneezes, microorganisms are released into the air through the lungs. These microbes can be inhaled by another person who can end up falling sick.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories are places where different kinds of people with various ailments visit to seek proper health care. In operation theatres and laboratories, there is a rapid spread of bacteria, fungus and viruses. Medical practitioners and staff regularly have to contend with these microscopic organisms. In the process of providing medical attention, they may also get infected. Airborne contamination is quite a concern for health care facilities. In order to improve upon the health care you provide, the quality of indoor air must be checked.

An installed Airfree P40 is an assurance of a safe air in surgical wards and low immunity patient units. Laboratories will not need to stop laboratory activities once a week for chemical air disinfection if Airfree is installed. Waiting rooms, infirmaries and recovery rooms are not left out.  Due to its efficiency in destroying every tiny airborne particles, patients won’t have to carry microorganisms from the hospital to their homes. Get your Airfree P40 air purifier during our limited period sale for only £102.13.

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