A technology that helps improving energy efficiency

Good ventilation is essential to the health and safety of building occupants. Unfortunately, most buildings today lack proper air exchange. This is due to a poor design and construction. This often results in air leakage from outside to the inside of a building. Meanwhile, these pathways of leakage and energy loss are very difficult to visualize. With thermal imaging, this problem can be resolved in the quickest possible time.


Energy efficiency
Thermal image showing areas of energy loss in a building


Areas of energy waste can quickly be identified with an infrared thermal imaging camera. A valuable tool that identifies missing insulation, failing HVAC systems, roof damages and many other building related issues with a thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C. Flir E50 Infrared Compact Thermal Imaging Camera possess the ability to provide remarkable infrared images with its 3 megapixel digital camera in conjunction with a 240 x 180 resolution IR sensor. The camera gives you instant reports of temperature data from the target field. These images in addition to the reports can be shared with customers and management team via Wi-Fi connectivity.  Professionals from inspection and energy auditing firms have found much confidence in the cutting-edge thermal imaging technology as it helps them improve energy efficiency.


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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

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