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Thermal imaging also known as infrared thermography is the process of using a thermal imager to detect infrared or heat radiation that is emitted by an object. Inspecting mechanical equipment with infrared thermography covers a wide variety of systems. From motors, rotating equipment, steam traps, refractory and tank levels inspections are often needed to detect any anomaly. Most of these inspections require an overall comparison of thermal patterns to understand the condition of an equipment. The thermal imaging technology allows operators to validate normal operations and locate abnormal patterns of heat which is invisible to the eye and detects inefficiencies within a system or machine.


Thermal Imaging
Mechanical Thermal Imaging


A thermal image that includes accurate temperature data provides the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the inspected equipment. These inspections can be done with a thermal imaging camera. Flir i7 is one example of these instruments. The device helps you find faults before real problems occur. The FLir i7 has many amazing features that includes a total resolution of 19600 pixels. Images of temperature distributions are shown on a 2.8″ High Definition LCD screen. This thermal imager measures temperatures up to +250°C and detects temperature differences as small as 0.10°C. The device can be used even when production process is in full operation. In many cases the use of the thermal imaging camera can even help optimize the production process itself.

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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

Do you want to see how Paris Air show 2013 looks through thermal imaging camera?
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