Avoid conditions that encourage mold growth

Humidity is the perfect conditions for mold growth. These microorganisms thrive well in areas where there is a lot of moisture. When these situations or conditions are overlooked, it often results in indoor air pollution. This can dangerously affect the occupants of a building. Apart from that, it can also cause damage to walls, building materials and anything that absorbs moisture. It is however essential to monitor the humidity level in the indoor environment.




To enjoy a mold free environment, the humidity of your indoor surroundings can be monitored using Extech 445815 Hygro Thermometer Humidity Alert. This thermometer has adjustable set points and alarms that alert you when humidity has exceeded its set limit. The thermometer can also be used to monitor humidity in difficult to reach areas as well as the outdoor environment. This is made possible with the help of a probe which is attached to it. Extech 445815 ensures safety at the workplace as well as boost staff productivity. It helps monitor conditions that promote mold growth.


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