Can molds be that dangerous?

In recent years, a constant attention has been drawn to harmful microbial pollutants. These include, bacteria, virus and fungus. A typical example of fungus is mold. They can be found in the home, office and school buildings. Molds develop in warm temperatures and humid environments. They often grow where there is excessive moisture as a result of  leakages in roofs, pipes, walls and  places exposed to flooding. Cellulose materials likewise encourage mold growth. Mold spores may also be carried into your indoors by way of attachment to clothing, shoes and pets. Regardless of your gender, geographic region or status, everybody is at risk for exposure to toxic mold. Molds may look harmless but can pose serious troubles to your health. The causes of some illnesses that were previously unknown have now been associated with mold infestation.

Common symptoms of mold infection

Our homes are the most common places which is overcrowded with organic materials. With Airfree, all microbes are burned at temperatures around 400F (250ºC) without generating heat in the room. Fungus, viruses and other airborne microorganisms are silently destroyed by Airfree P125.  Basements and attics will be left mold free if only they are protected by Airfree. Kitchens and pantries equipped with Airfree will prevent most food items from developing mildew. From now on your bread, cheese and fruits will be kept always fresh and safe to eat.

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