How alarming is your indoor humidity and temperature?

Climates that are high in humidity have a high amount of water vapour in the air. When the weather becomes hot in high humidity, it makes people feel very hot. This is because it causes the inability of moisture to evaporate from the skin. High humidity is also a potential for mold growth. These microscopic [...]

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What are the different types of indoor air purifiers?

Indoor air quality can be improved simply by using air purifiers but the question often posed is; which one? There are many different technologies used in air purifiers, but they don’t all perform quite as well as might be wished. A main consideration when choosing what kind of air purifier would be best for a [...]

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Flir i3 detects every hidden fault and saves time and energy

Building inspectors are becoming more cautious when it comes to finding faults within the confines of a building. Forensic investigation which involves discovering building failures may include detecting plumbing and HVAC failures, low sloped roofs, insulation failures, electrical problems or any failure in exterior components in industrial or domestic buildings. Some forensic investigation that relate [...]

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Know the effect of temperature in your indoor environment?

Indoor air temperature can affect the comfort and perception of building occupants in an indoor environment. Things that contribute to warm temperatures in the indoor environment may include temperatures of ceilings, windows and walls. These surfaces radiate heat to other surrounding surfaces such as the human body. If the indoor air is too warm, or [...]

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How are newborns affected by indoor air pollution?

The issue of indoor air quality is of major concern to everyone including parents of newborns. Infants have their immune systems undeveloped. This makes them particularly vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Some microorganisms that pollute the indoor air include pet dander, dust mites and molds. Molds become toxic when mold spores land on a wet [...]

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A Health Care Ally

Microorganisms are useful to our bodies yet they can also be very harmful. Airborne microbes cause many health issues. When a person coughs or sneezes, microorganisms are released into the air through the lungs. These microbes can be inhaled by another person who can end up falling sick. Hospitals, clinics and laboratories are places where [...]

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Can molds be that dangerous?

In recent years, a constant attention has been drawn to harmful microbial pollutants. These include, bacteria, virus and fungus. A typical example of fungus is mold. They can be found in the home, office and school buildings. Molds develop in warm temperatures and humid environments. They often grow where there is excessive moisture as a [...]

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Get relief from allergies and mold infection

Quality air is very essential in our indoor environments since our health and comfort are involved. Mold, pollen, dust mite, chemical emission and others can interfere with indoor air quality. Exposure to such microorganisms and harmful substances results in health hazards and other physical symptoms on food. Frequently disinfecting your indoor air will relieve you [...]

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FLIR Value Pack Offer

Thermal imaging cameras are playing a vital role in today’s construction and inspection industries. Professionals can measure temperature differences in a non-contact mode, data collecting and its analysis is made easy with the latest Flir Ebx series. With thermal imaging quality of up to 320×240 pixels  with a built in 3.1 Mpixels camera, Bluetooth and [...]

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Measure the level of Carbon dioxide (CO2) around you and get surprised.

Indoor air quality refers to how clean or pure the air within and around a building or structure is, especially with relation to the health and comfort of the occupants. Among some of the contaminants of indoor air is carbon dioxide. Exposure to CO2 for a long period can have adverse effect on your health. The image below illustrates [...]

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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

Do you want to see how Paris Air show 2013 looks through thermal imaging camera?
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