Detect flaws in cold store facilities with Flir i7

Cold storage facility owners very often run the risk of incurring high costs. Most of these costs can be associated with electricity charges. A high cost of electricity bills usually comes as a result of electrical faults, energy wasting and poor insulation. As the economy grows with high costs of utility bills, it is appropriate to look at conserving enough energy to avoid incurring such high debts.


If you are an inspection professional or a predictive maintenance manager, you can use infrared thermography to reveal poor or missing insulation, structural defects in cold stores, freezers and storage vessels and heat loss from refrigerated processing in cold storage facilities.

Insulation defects detected in cold storage facilities

.Flir i7 is a non-invasive instrument that will help you to identify problems quickly. This user friendly tool has a 140×140 pixels resolution infrared detector which produces fine thermal images of defects. Also with 2% accuracy, the device can detect flaws with thermal sensitivity of up to +250°C as well as capable of finding temperature difference as small as 0.10°C. This Flir i7 infrared thermal imaging camera is the ideal option for identifying defects in cold stores and also helping your customers to save more money and energy than to waste them.


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