Get the right results for water testing with Extech EC500

Water treatment is very important to acquiring safe and clean water. There are several factors that can render water impure. Water conductivity is linked directly to the concentration of ions and their mobility. This conductivity depends on the value of the pH, temperature measurement and the amount of Carbon dioxide which has been dissolved in the water to form ions. Conductivity is also affected by the concentration of ions that already exists in water such as chloride, sodium and ammonium.



The accuracy of water testing largely depends on the quality of testing devices used. Extech EC500 is an effective instrument when it comes to water testing. This device measures five parameters including Conductivity, pH, TDS, Temperature and Salinity. It has the capacity of reading 9 units of measurements. These include pH, μS/cm, mS/cm,ppm, ppt, mg/L, g/L, °C, °F. It also has an internal memory which makes it capable of storing up to 25 readings. The Extech EC500 is has waterproof compliant to IP57. This very dependable water testing instrument can be used for applications such as waste water, aquaculture, water treatment, fisheries and so on.


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