How are newborns affected by indoor air pollution?

The issue of indoor air quality is of major concern to everyone including parents of newborns. Infants have their immune systems undeveloped. This makes them particularly vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Some microorganisms that pollute the indoor air include pet dander, dust mites and molds. Molds become toxic when mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin to grow. Research proves that memory loss and severe lung problems in infants are linked to some toxic molds. It is provided scientifically that exposure to secondhand smoke can also have damaging effects such as asthma, sudden infant death syndrome as well as middle ear and lower respiratory tract infections in children. Parents can protect their children from these imminent health hazards by ensuring that they breathe safe and clean air right from the start.


Airfree provides healthier environment for newborns and children. Airfree E40 works totally silent. It does not disturb children’s sleep. This Airfree E40 is capable of disinfecting the indoor air which is polluted with odors and secondhand smoke. Airfree’s patented technology uses heat to destroy microorganisms up to 99%. Babies can still enjoy a comfortable room temperature since no significant heat is contributed to the room environment.

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