How Infrared Thermal Imaging helps to detect under floor heating and leaking pipes

Leaking pipes and under floor heating can be a very devastating problem. Detecting problems like these can take quite a lot of time. Water pipe leaks are usually discovered by way of sound. Finding the source of the leaks can be a very hectic process. However, if these leaks are ignored or overlooked, they could escalate into mold breeding because moisture is involved.


Underfloor heating detection

Visual image of the floor                           Thermal image of under floor pipe heating


Thermal imaging can help to avoid that stress of locating exactly where leaking pipes are or where there is heat radiation from underneath the floor. Flir E30 Infrared Compact Thermal Imaging Camera is just one of the recommended hi-tech instruments for this kind of inspection. It is an easy to use tool which provides quick and accurate real-time results. The thermal imager has an IR sensor with 160×120 pixel resolution. With a 3.5 inches LCD touch screen you can view instant thermal images produced by the camera. It is also provided with Relative Humidity Alarm that alerts you of the possible presence of moisture as well as an Insulation Alarm which shows you the insulation performance of the building under inspection. This device can also serve as a verification tool after repairs have been completed.


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