If you need a humidity and temperature monitor, it’s all in the Extech 445580

A hygro-thermometer as the name suggests, combines the functions of both a thermometer which is used to measure temperature and a hygrometer also used in measuring relative humidity. With the ability to utilize both features at the same time, this instrument becomes very useful when you want to determine the ambient air condition in a computer server room or a storage room. It may also be used to maintain room conditions that favour operations of electrical and electronic devices. A hygro-thermometer can also be used to check if there are possible mould activities.


Humidity and temperature monitor


Extech 445580 humidity/temperature pen is one of such hygro-thermometers capable of taking temperature and relative humidity readings. With a built-in temperature and humidity sensors, this unit can take temperature readings from 0 to 50 degree Celsius and relative humidity ranging from 10% to 90%. Extech 445580 is equipped with a pocket clip that makes is easily accessible. This hygro-thermometer is a perfect instrument to assist you in determining conditions that may exist or give rise to mould growth.


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