Know the effect of temperature in your indoor environment?

Indoor air temperature can affect the comfort and perception of building occupants in an indoor environment. Things that contribute to warm temperatures in the indoor environment may include temperatures of ceilings, windows and walls. These surfaces radiate heat to other surrounding surfaces such as the human body. If the indoor air is too warm, or too cold people perceive the environment to be stuffy with little airflow. This can cause discomfort to the occupants and may result in fatigue and lethargy. High temperatures may also cause increase in emission of toxins from furnishings, building materials and finishes. Temperatures that are too cool can cause occupant discomfort as well. These may include inattentiveness, shivering, muscular and joint tension resulting in low productivity. Testing the temperatures in the indoor environment can help to maintain a comfortable temperature in the indoors of your homes and offices as well as other enclosed places such as theatres.


Temperature measuring devices such as the Extech TH10 Temperature USB Datalogger offers you the comfort of monitoring the low and high levels of temperature within an environment. With an ability of accurately measuring temperatures ranging from -40 to 158°C, the this USB datalogger is also capable of recording up to 32,000 readings. This device gives you the opportunity to select sampled data rates from 2s to 24hr.

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