Knowing what to use a moisture meter for

Moisture meters are not only meant for an inspector’s tool kit. A moisture meter can help you to detect quickly household issues such as mold, rot and decay risks which may be associated with housing roof, walls or insulation. With the help of this device you can avoid incurring costs that may come as a result of increase in moisture problems.


Extech MO265 moisture meter
Measuring the moisture content of a household material


Extech MO265 is a very simple and easy to device that helps to resolve these household issues quickly. With an electro-magnetic sensing technology, this meter non-invasively detects the moisture content of building materials and cellulose substances that can be a home for breeding molds. Extech MO265 also employs a pin methods of measurement with the aid of a pin measurement probe to measure moisture in difficult to reach areas. The meter takes non-contact measures as deep as 0.75″ below the surface of a material that is being tested for moisture. With a digital LCD screen, you have the chance to readout results yourself.


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