Measure moisture content with not just a tester but with an Extech Moisture meter. Do you want to know why?

Moisture meters are tools designed to help home inspection professionals and contractors to identify the source of moisture build up and also moisture content of wood and other building materials. Moisture meters offer you very precise moisture readings on surfaces of wood, concrete, drywall and finished furniture. A good and perfect looking job depends on the accuracy of moisture reading. That is why a good moisture meter is required.


For a fast and accurate measurement on wood moisture or any other building material, a moisture meter is a recommended device. Extech MO270 is one of such moisture meters. It offers a combination of pin and non-invasive methods of measurements. This meter has the ability to record data up to 40 remote sensors at the same time. Equipped with visual and audible high and low alarm modes, the moisture meter alerts you where moisture is found. The meter also features a %WME (wood moisture equivalent) pin moisture readings. Extech MO270 has a wireless sensor that is affixed to a telescoping handle. This feature allows you to take moisture measurements in ceilings or difficult to access areas.


Moisture meter
Extech MO270 Wireless Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter


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