Measure the level of Carbon dioxide (CO2) around you and get surprised.

Indoor air quality refers to how clean or pure the air within and around a building or structure is, especially with relation to the health and comfort of the occupants. Among some of the contaminants of indoor air is carbon dioxide. Exposure to CO2 for a long period can have adverse effect on your health. The image below illustrates some of the main symptoms of elevated CO2 levels by severity. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) CO2 levels in our atmosphere are constantly increasing. Measuring the level of CO2 will give you an indication of how polluted your indoor air is.

CO2 Meters,  CO2 effects

Source: Wikipedia

Some of the best and affordable CO2 monitoring instruments in the market today includes the Extech  CO200, CO210, CO250, EA80 and SD800. These products are compact, accurate and easy to use. They have collaborated features such as Thermometer, Humidity meter, Data loggers and many more for complete indoor environment monitoring. Click here for the complete technical specifications for our CO2 meters.

Using the acquired information collected through these CO2 meters you can find an adequate solution.  Contact us for recommended solutions.

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