Prevent moisture damage in roofs with a thermal imaging camera

Roofs with low slope are particularly prone to moisture contamination. This is due to the lack of space under the roof which retards proper air flow and ventilation. Identifying moisture problems in roofs using some certain inspection techniques involves people on the roof making invasive intrusions or performing multiple inspections on the roof. This sometimes ends in missing areas of importance. Infrared thermography only needs to take a picture of a wider area, making it easy to collect several information in just a shot.


Flir thermal imaging
Roof leak detected with Flir thermal imaging camera


Flir’s range of thermal cameras comes in different sizes and shapes. These include the Flir i series, Flir E series, Flir T/B series, Flir T620/T640, Flir P series, FLir IRW series, Flir EBX series, Flir T620bx/T640bx and Flir B620/B660. They help you to collect instant and informative data. Flir’s cameras are equipped with many features. This includes high resolutions ranging from 120 pixels to 307,200 pixels. Their temperature measurements also range from +250°C to +650°C. Flir thermal imaging cameras allow you to locate hot spots by providing you with the differences in temperature. This aids you in identifying where exactly needs to be repaired. After repairs, you can also use FLir thermal imaging cameras as a verification tool. These cameras help you to avoid the stress of destructive inspection and save you money as well.

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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

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