Appleton’s fire department utilizes thermal imagers in search of accident victims

Appleton’s fire department is now using high-tech technologies to find accident victims. The fire department used a thermal imaging detector to find an accident victim who was thrown from a car during its rollover. The firefighters admit that thermal imaging cameras are a great tool in any emergency situation. . Source: .

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Ford builds quieter vehicles using thermal imaging

Ford engineers are using thermal imaging technology to eliminate annoying noises that come from the interior of vehicles during the design process. In a press release from Ford, it was mentioned that the thermal imaging camera is aimed at a vehicle whose cabin is being pumped full of heated air. In the thermal image, the [...]

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A new thermal imaging technology with MSX for quick, finer and detailed results

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) is a new technological feature which has been introduced by FLIR systems into the world of thermal imaging cameras. With this new technology, FLIR intends to help its customers to find more anomalies within the shortest possible time, but this time around with finer, detailed and extraordinarily crusty images. The [...]

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10 reasons why you should try thermal imaging at work

Thermal imaging is a state of the art technology in which heat produced by the human body or any object is captured by an infrared detector or thermal imaging camera. These cameras read the temperature of the human body or objects in relation to their surroundings and produce visual images in that respect. Applications for [...]

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FLIR wins thermal imaging competition

New to thermal imaging cameras, Ikaros Solar sought to experiment on how thermal imaging could help in their solar panel inspections. FLIR came out as the best after a demonstration among the five biggest suppliers of thermal imaging cameras. FLIR T335 was the camera of choice. This camera has an uncooled microbolometer detector. With a [...]

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras top it all in predictive maintenance

The efficiency of FLIR thermal imaging cameras is evident in the industrial predictive maintenance applications. Many industrial companies are using FLIR thermal imaging cameras to reduce the risk of disrupting production processes. These technological devices have also led companies to avoid unnecessary cost and breakdowns. One of the largest consultancy agencies admitted their reason for [...]

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R&D and industrial thermal imaging applications get newly upgraded with FLIR series

The FLIR A3500sc/A6500sc cameras introduced by FLIR systems are exclusively designed for R&D and industrial applications. These include type/brake testing, welding/soldering processes, glass measurement and fast moving process control. The cameras consist of a cooled 3-5 micron MW-IR detector meant for R&D applications since this field often requires more sensitivity, better image quality and a [...]

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Thermal imaging robots to aid in firefighting

Engineers in the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of Calofornia, San Diego have developed new techniques to help improve methods used in fire fighting. They have created small mobile robots that will take thermal data with an in-built infrared camera. This data will then be mapped onto a 3D scene constructed from images taken [...]

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FLIR expands scope of application for thermal imaging cameras

FLIR is still expanding the scope of applications for its thermal imaging cameras. With the introduction of the A-Series which is celebrated in a newly published e-book, FLIR’s thermal imaging technology can now work in the most hostile environments. These improvements allow the cameras to work round-the-clock without additional lighting. They can even work where [...]

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Incredible technological devices

Flir i series, Flir E series, Flir T/B series, Flir T620/T640, Flir P series, FLir IRW series, Flir EBX series are just a few of the thermal imaging cameras manufactured by the FLIR company. They have features such as a temperature measurement reading accuracy of ± 2 °C with a wide field-of-view.  These cameras detect [...]

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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

Do you want to see how Paris Air show 2013 looks through thermal imaging camera?
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