Protect yourelf from toxic mould including black mould

The amount water vapour contained in the air is referred to as relative humidity. This condition encourages mould growth and dust mite population. Moulds are always in the air but they require just a considerable amount of moisture to grow. The spores released by moulds are a seed of mould growth that land on damp [...]

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What is mould and is it dangerous?

Moulds are microorganisms that grow every where they find moisture both indoor and outdoor environments. They enter into your home from outside air through the windows, doorways, and HVAC systems. People also carry moulds along into their homes on their bodies, shoes, bags, clothing and pets. All that moulds need to grow is moisture. When [...]

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Take a look at how the Paris Air show 2013 looks through Flir thermal imaging camera.  

Do you want to see how Paris Air show 2013 looks through thermal imaging camera?
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