Using thermal imaging in the Petrochemical industry

Many industries depend on furnaces and boilers for their manufacturing processes. But these equipments are prone to failures which might be due to a variety of mechanisms that take place during productions. Refractory linings of boilers, furnaces, reactors and kilns are likely to deteriorate with time and this ends in total breakdown. Burner misalignments may cause flame impingements, slag build-up on the outside of tubes as well as overheating or under heating. These issues can become a hindrance to production and causing great damages if not attended to appropriately.


Petrochemical Thermal Imaging
White spot showing deterioration detected using a thermal imaging camera


With the advent of thermal imaging technology, these industrial problems have become minimal. Predictive maintenance professionals have chosen thermal imaging cameras as an ideal tool to provide rapid and precise diagnosis of any kind of installation including refractory materials. The features that accompany thermal imaging cameras have risen gradually in order to suit the needs of expert users. For instances Flir’s thermal imaging cameras can boast of up to 640×480 pixel resolution and the ability to read temperature differences as small as 0.04°C. With these and many other wonderful features, thermal imaging cameras are helping to eliminate catastrophes.


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