What are the different types of moisture meters and how do they work in measuring moisture content?

There are three types of moisture meters normally used for moisture level measurements in building inspection, wood processing factories and the like. They are the pin type, the pinless type and those that operate with both methods.


The pin type is the traditional style that has two pins which are pushed into a wood sample to measure its moisture content. This pin type reads MC% by measuring the electrical resistance between these two pins. With the pin type moisture meter, the roughness of the wood surface does not matter neither does the shape or size also matter. To obtain a very good moisture reading, the pins must penetrate to a depth of one-quarter of the wood thickness. Pin type of moisture meter can be used to measure MC% in drywall, exterior painted surface, ceiling tile and carpeting.


The pinless type of moisture meter also known as non-invasive or non-destructive moisture only employs an electro-magnetic sensing technology to sense water inside a wood and other surfaces such as gypsum and concrete. It uses a sensing pad that is pressed against the wood or material leaving it undamaged. These types of meter are very fast in operation allowing you to measure the moisture content of massive quantity of wood speedily. Pinless moisture meters are necessary for some applications such as building inspections, fiberglass boats, and finished or antique furniture. This type of moisture meter can best take measurements on materials with flat and smooth surfaces. If not, there will be reduced contact between the sensor pad and the material under test. This may result in poor moisture reading.


The third type is the pin/pinless moisture meter. This type utilizes both the traditional pin style and the non-invasive method to measure MC% in substrates. The ability of this meter type to use both moisture measuring methods enables it to identify issues and locate exactly where moisture is building up. Usually a measurement pin probe is attached to this moisture meter type. The probe enables you to measure moisture content of materials that are hard to reach. Using both methods, this meter is capable of reading moisture content for wood and non-wood materials. With its diversified nature, the pin/pinless type of moisture meter is ideally suitable for Indoor Air Quality specialists, Inspectors and Flooring specialists.


Moisture meters
Combination Pin/Pinless moisture meter and Pinless moisture meters


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