What is a moisture meter used for?

A moisture meter is a device used to measure the amount of water in a particular material. The information gathered from a moisture meter can be used to determine if the material is ready for use or not. Also this device helps to identify unexpected dryness or wetness of the material. Paper products and wood can be very sensitive to moisture. However, before using a material or substance that is easily affected by moisture, there is the need to test for the percentage of moisture in it.


Extech  Moisture meter
Extech MO230 Moisture meter


Extech provides a wide range of instruments that can be used for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Some of these instruments include Moisture meters. Extech MO230 is a pocket moisture meter that allows you to determine the moisture content in wood and other building materials. It can also measure air temperature and relative humidity. Extech built this moisture meter with memory that contains 3 wood groups and 4 building material group. This Extech moisture meter’s memory has been fitted with calibration capability for roughly 150 wood species and 19 types of building materials. It has also been provided with measurement verification test function. This allows you to confirm your measurements whenever the need arises. This is just one of the many Extech instruments that provide you with quality results which you can always rely on.

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