What is the use of a temperature USB datalogger?

We have no control over the weather, but it is possible to keep records of its implications. Dataloggers are electronic devices designed for recording measurements of all types at set intervals over a period of time. Dataloggers are used to record a wide variety of energy and environmental measurements including temperature, relative humidity, AC/DC current and voltage and many more.


Extech Datalogger
Temperature USB Datalogger


A typical dataloger is the Extech temperature USB datalogger. This instrument is compact and durable. Extech’s temperature USB datalogger has the capacity to record 32,000 readings. Because of its USB features, it is easier to transfer your data from the datalogger onto a PC for further analysis. The temperature USB datalogger also allows you to measure temperatures from a range of -40 to +70°C. This device can be applied in building monitoring, HVAC and energy usage. It can also be used to monitor the temperature and humidity during refrigeration in food and drug storage and transportation. Agriculture, horticulture and environmental studies are also not left out in the usage of this device. This device is used to check the temperature and humidity levels in green houses.

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