When you need to take a quick soil pH measurement

Working with chemical solutions and lab equipments can sometimes be very exhausting. Getting the right and accurate results depends on using the right laboratory instruments. In order to obtain the quality of information required for a laboratory process to take place, you need instruments that provide precise results and prevents you the technician from having to put in too much efforts.


Some laboratory instruments which include Extech 601500 Standard pH Electrode is ideal for taking pH measurements of substances such as soil. Soil pH is important in the growth process of plants. However, checking the pH level of soils with the appropriate instruments before planting goes a long way to affect crop production. Extech 601500 is a general purpose, standard size glass bulb pH sensing electrode that is capable of measuring pH in the ranges of 0 to 14pH. It can as well measure temperature between 0 to 80°C ranges.


ph Measurement


For advice on solutions to finding the best laboratory instruments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have lots of efficient instruments to suit your demands.


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