Who can use a clamp meter?

A clamp meter is simply an electrical tester that combines the features of a digital multimeter and a current sensor. The function of a clamp meter is to measure current. Clamp meters usually are designed with jaws integrated into an electrical meter allowing users to clamp around wires, cables and other conductors in an electrical system when measuring its current. At times situations in the industry may call for concurrent measurement. Electricians find a clamp meter very useful as it serves as a rapid and versatile diagnostic tool for finding out the reasons for failure in the operations of electrical systems or equipment.




Due to its elongated jaws that open up to 0.5″, the Extech 380950 80A Mini ACDC Clamp Meter helps electricians to carry out current measurements even in the tightest spaces. It can be used to measure AC/DC Voltage, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Capacitance and Resistance measurements. The clamp meter has a resolution capacity of 1mA and also an accuracy rate of ± 2.5%. With this device in your hand, your electrical profession is certain to gain much patronage.


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