With thermal imaging, inspecting Chimney Stacks is easier, quicker and extremely efficient

A thermal imaging inspection fits into every area of a building that requires maintenance or repairs. It may be commercial, industrial or residential. Parts of buildings or infrastructure such as chimneys regularly need to be checked for stacks. The chimney serves as an outlet for smoke, however, inappropriate inspection measures can lead to major deterioration and health risks.


Chimney stack inspection
It is important to regularly inspect chimneys since their deterioration can cause havoc


Infrared cameras can detect and provide quality evaluation of chimney linings. One of such cameras is the Flir E60 Infrared Compact Thermal Imaging Camera. This camera has a temperature range of +20°C to +650°C and a total resolution of 76,800 pixels. With this, the camera can collect heat radiating from the internal and external surfaces of the chimney as temperature data, thus bringing to light areas of chimney linings that may possibly be breaking down. In addition, you can have a wider view of your field of target as it offers <0.05°C thermal sensitivity. Among other features, Flir E60 allows you to share reports of field inspection with customers by way of Wi-Fi connectivity. This thermal imaging camera has been used by most professionals to acquire the very results they needed. It saved them a lot of time and energy as well as avoiding expensive costs.


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