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With today’s tightly sealed, well insulated buildings, the air inside can be much more polluted.
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Pollution Source
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
Dry Air
Dust Mite
Nitrogen dioxide
Particulate Matter
Radon gas
Tobacco smoke
Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Health Effects
Children six years and above are the most vulnerable to lead exposure and its health effects includes

Behavioral Problems

Learning Disabilities




Impair mental and physical development

In worse case death

Years ago lead was a major constituent of several products found in homes and indoor space such as, old lead based paint, toys, ceramic based items and plumbing materials.

Majority of homes in the UK built before 1960 almost certainly contain high level of leaded paint. It is important to be aware that some homes build recently may also contain leaded paint. And other lead based products.

Innocent renovation activities can result in dangerous level of exposure to lead, That can happen when lead-based paint is removed incorrectly by dry scraping walls or sanding. Also Lead contaminated outdoor air can find its way into indoor space.

The use of lead based soldering and stained glass making as also lead to high level of exposure
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