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With today’s tightly sealed, well insulated buildings, the air inside can be much more polluted.
Step : Select pollutant source from the right column and see below for more information
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Pollution Source
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
Dry Air
Dust Mite
Nitrogen dioxide
Particulate Matter
Radon gas
Tobacco smoke
Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Health Effects
Aggravation of asthma

Higher risk of respiratory infection

Chest discomfort

Reduced lung function

Shortness of breath; and

Irritation of eye, nose and throat.

Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms O3. The third molecule can easily latch onto other molecule making it reactive. It exist everywhere even in the atmosphere, It is a naturally occurring trace gases in the atmosphere and the ozone layer that keeping the planet earth warm.

High level of outdoor ozone can get into indoor spaces. Also several household and office appliances generate ozone, This might some as a surprise but a number of household and office appliances generate ozone, In most case at safe level.

Sources of ozone in indoor environment can include printers, some air cleaners purifiers and X-ray. You can test for the level of ozone pollution at your home or office inexpensively, click here.

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